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Hempcoin (THC) at least maintains its own domain, but there is no doubt that it is both a Shitcoin and a Scamcoin. It is tracked at Coin Market Cap under the predictably juvenile trading label THC, and was created in June of 2014. Almost no information is available on their website, which seems more interested in showing vast fields of marijuana than in giving useful information about its goals, plans, and utility.

The most alarming and damning piece of evidence against Hempcoin is that every single link on its website is broken and redirects to a blank website builder.

In Depth

A careless and revealing typo.
Investigation of the primary source of information for Hempcoin occurred on their website. Its utility is extremely low due to its focus on being a currency specific to agriculture and farming, which a token would be more useful for. Currencies, after all, are meant to be universal media of exchange, not useful only in marginal niches. It also seems extremely unrealistic to expect potato and wheat farmers to use a token called "Hempcoin."

A cryptocurrency incapable of taking the steps to even hire a basic editor to ensure that websites are spelled correctly is alarmingly likely to be a shitcoin, as stated on the Standards page. Further down the page is further usage of incorrect grammar, including missing commas and other issues that would have been identified and fixed by any competent editor. The entire presentation of the site is more like a slideshow than any serious attempt to create and facilitate a currency.

Investigation Results (22 Nov 2017)

Utility: Extremely Low
Stability: Extremely Low
Coinomi Support: Yes, unfortunately
Whitepaper Availability: No
Management Availability: None
Birth: May 13, 2014
Death: April 24, 2017, although still trading
Scamcoin Likelihood: Extremely High
Shitcoin Likelihood: Moderately High


This is a coin to be avoided at all costs. The text on the website is atrocious, containing horrific grammar and terrible word choices. Again, the site is more interested in talking about marijuana (no doubt hoping to cash in on the name with as little work as possible. There are a multitude of marijuana-focused cryptocurrencies out there, and the only one that seems to not be a scamcoin is Potcoin, although it's also a shitcoin. Compare Hempcoin's [atrocious site to Blackcoin and its [useful website, which features a blockchain explorer, a slider bar for calculating returns in the Proof of Stake model, links to the community, and a link to the currency's page on Wikipedia.


Hempconi's own website
Coin Market Cap

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