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It just goes downhill from here.
Orangecoin (OC) was created initially as a Proof of Work cryptocurrency, but moved to being fully Proof of Stake. Orangecoin The standard logo for Orangecoin went live on May 13, 2014 according to information at Coin Market Cap, although little information is available regarding when the coin moved to proof of stake.

Utility: Extremely Low
Stability: Extremely Low
Coinomi Support: Removed recently
Whitepaper Availability: No
Management Availability: Good
Birth: May 13, 2014
Death: Still Alive
Scamcoin Likelihood: Very Low
Shitcoin Likelihood: Very High


Although unlikely to be a scam, one should always be wary of Proof of Stake coins that do not have strong developer backing and strong communities, as the promise of "interest" gained on cryptocurrencies is most likely to entice those trying to turn a quick profit with minimal effort. They haven't even procured or any related domains, instead using a free website builder, which is always a red flag. Serious companies don't use free websites. Their forum post at Bitcoin Talk is also not aesthetically pleasing, being predictably filled with the color orange and looking unusually unprofessional. While OrangeCoin does not appear to be a Scamcoin, it is most definitely a Shitcoin and should be avoided.