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Hello! Welcome to CryptoCheck!

Let's keep it brief, so to learn more about what we're doing and why we're doing it, click CryptoCheck. The short version is that we think cryptocurrencies are intentionally becoming confusing, inaccessible, and overly technical, and we think this unnecessary barrier doesn't just prevent people from entering the crypto market, but actively contributes to the scamcoin and shitcoin culture. It's our goal to put a stop to this, to clarify the language, and to identify scams so that people don't lose money.

Cryptocurrencies Checked

Name Symbol Scamcoin? Shitcoin? Token or Currency? Grade
Belacoin BELA Very Low Moderate Currency C-
Bitcoin BTC Nil Nil Currency B-
Bitcoin Platinum N/A Probably Not Extremely Likely Currency F
Bitcoin Silver BTCS Extremely High High Ethereum Token F
Blackcoin BLK Extremely Low Moderately Low Currency B
Dogecoin DOGE Extremely Low Guaranteed Currency Special
Ethereum ETH Nil Nil Currency & Platform A-
Hempcoin THC Extremely High Moderately High Currency F
Litecoin LTC Nil Nil Currency A
Orangecoin OC Very Low Very High Currency D-
TokenPay TPAY Very Low Very Low Currency C
Vertcoin VTC Nil Extremely Low Currency A

Getting Started

New to cryptocurrencies and want to find out what all the fuss is about? Does all the jargon and technical stuff sound overwhelming? Don't worry about it. Part of our Mission Statement involves making cryptocurrencies available to the masses, and that involves explaining things in ordinary terms that people actually use, as opposed to what certain websites-that-shall-be-unnamed do by intentionally using confusing jargon to make it seem more complicated than it really is. So check out our page on cryptocurrencies for a down-to-Earth explanation and guide on getting started.

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Don't agree with our assessment? Fix the problems we cited on the page for the cryptocurrency you develop/manage, and email Editor-in-Chief Aria DiMezzo to have the information updated.

Crypto Check: Calling out shitcoins and scamcoins since 2017

User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Help & Support

Help and support are always appreciated! Contact Aria DiMezzo at to help out. Or you can send us cryptos!