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The world's first fully Proof of Stake cryptocurrency.
Blackcoin (BLK) was created and became tradeable in February of 2014 according to data at Coin Market Cap, and trades under the label BLK. Unlike most of the "lesser" Proof of Stake cryptocurrencies commonly referred to as an "altcoin", Blackcoin has a Wikipedia page, an active development team, numerous wallets, and has actually made contributions to further the development of cryptocurrencies.

In Depth

On 19 November 2017, developer and programmer of Blackcoin Janko33bd appeared on the radio show The Call to Freedom on the Liberty Radio Network with Cryptocurrency Check's Editor-in-Chief Aria DiMezzo, former Libertarian vice presidential candidate Will Coley, and "recovering Republican" Thom Gray. Developer Janko33bd is regularly available at Blackcoin on Gitter. Frequently communicating the plans and goals of Blackcoin firmly moves Blackcoin out of the scamcoin realm of possibility.

The exact specifics of the technological advances made by Blackcoin and its team can be found on its website. As stated repeatedly, this isn't meant to be a technological encyclopedia. Working most heavily in Blackcoin's favor, in addition to the accessibility of its team, is that there are already Point of Sale terminals that accept and use Blackcoin.

Blackcoin is one to keep an eye on because it's the shining example of stable Proof of Stake, especially since Ethereum is eventually moving to PoS.


In addition to being Proof of Stake, Blackcoin is supported by a number of interesting and unique pieces of software, most notably BlackHalo, which allows for the creation of contracts and other complex things that the average user won't need. Essentially, BlackHalo is a wallet that allows users to buy and sell services directly through the wallet.

Investigation Results

Utility: Moderate
Stability: Moderate
Coinomi Support: Yes<
Whitepaper Availability: Yes
Management Availability: Excellent
Birth: February 2014
Death: N/A
Scamcoin Likelihood: Extremely Low
Shitcoin Likelihood: Moderately Low


The biggest problem with Blackcoin is one that is a problem with Proof of Stake in general: mobile wallets need the ability to stake, as mobile apps are practically the only devices in modern times that the average user has connected to the Internet around the clock. Additionally, the available software, while useful and intuitive, does not look especially professional. The UI of the Blackcoin QT wallet looks as though it was built from a template, while the BlackHalo software, despite boasting considerable utility, has a similarly UI reminiscent of old Java programs like Limewire and Frostwire. Additionally, the site does not feature the best grammar and English, although the radio interview with developer Janko33bd made it clear that this is likely due to translation problems. With these issues resolved, Shitcoin likelihood would decrease to Negligible. Having already hit 0.5 USD per


Blackcoin's Website
Coin Market Cap: Blackcoin
Wikipedia: Blackcoin

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